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Learn about NASA's different robot helpers

Try this mosaic robot puzzle

Check out NASA's robotic explorers website

View pictures and movies of a hybrid robot at JPL

July (Neat stuff at NASA)

Check out JPL's Kids Page

Explore the universe online with NASA Quest

Learn about resources for students

Learn about Mars at the Athena Kids Page


Follow this webcast to make a robot at home

Get ideas for building robots at Zach's Cool Stuff

Don't have a lot of materials? Try the Spaceplace projects!

Find even more projects at the NASA Kids Page


Watch our archived webcasts about robotics, Mars, and more

Check out the Mars Program's webcasts and videos

Watch NASA videos

Follow the latest Dive and Discover mission in the Galapagos


Learn about JPL's current missions

Read about Robonaut on nasa.gov

Build things, play games, and learn facts at NASA's Kids page

Tune in to the FIRST National competition April 22-23


Lots of robotics competitions are coming up!

Check out a Botball competition in your area

Visit a FIRST robotics competition near you

Don't forget to try our student robotics challenges


Learn about student employment at NASA

Check out universities that offer programs in robotics

Encourage your teacher to apply for summer institutes

Watch some archived robotics webcasts

January (Keep an eye on Mars)

Watch "One Year on Mars" online

Visit the rover home page for the Top 10 images of 2004

Check out an "Imagine Mars" webcast

Look into the "Rock Around the World" project


December (Don't forget cool stuff at REP!)

Watch archived robot courses and webcasts

Gather resources to help you learn about robotics

Try one of our robotics challenges

Check out competitions around the world


Check out these universities that offer robotics

Learn about Women in Computer Science at CMU

Visit the Humanoid Robotics Group at MIT

Give your teacher ideas on using robotics in the classroom


Learn about the X Prize for human space travel

Build your own rockets and spaceships

Find out how NASA's prepares humans for space

Think about what you would take on a trip to Mars


NASA Kids has fun games, activities and stories

See pages for grades K-4, 5-8, 9-12, and post secondary

Check out NASA's image of the day

View NASA videos from the space station and beyond


Visit "Do Science" for science experiments and activities

Take a tour of the solar system at "The Nine Planets"

Have fun with astronomy at www.kidsastronomy.com

Learn the basics of astronomy at "Astro for Kids"


Find fun facts about Saturn's moons

Read the online book "Two Friends Go To Saturn"

Learn what makes Saturn special

Build a simple model of the Cassini spacecraft


Explore and learn at Amazing Space

Check out NASA's Virtual Astronaut

Find new opportunities at SpaceKids

Try your hand at the NASA Qwhiz!


Check out these fun Mars facts and activities

Try some cool NASA activities for kids

Learn from NASA's SCIence Files

Find out more about the European Space Agency


Learn about Humans in Space

Find out what it takes to be an astronaut!

Check on NASA Human Space Flight

Read biographies of current and former astronauts


Send rocks from your backyard to NASA scientists

Learn about the Mars Exploration Student Data Team

Explore Mars at MarsQuest Online!

Kids--don't forget about the Mars Fun Zone!


MarsQuest Online allows you to explore Mars

Check out the NASA Student Involvement Program

Learn about the Athena Student Interns Program

Learn about the Red Rover Goes to Mars Program


Keep track of the Mars rovers

Learn about the instruments at Athena

Make some cool stuff from the Space Place

Check out the Passport to Knowledge Kids' Corner



Play games

Try your hand at art or stories

Check out some fun activities

Take a look at "News for Kids"

Watch the Earth Crew missions


Learn "How Everyday Things Are Made" via video

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers Student Zone

Figure out your age on another planet on NASA's kids page

Try the Beginners Guide to Aeronautics

Try the activity "Can a robot tie your shoes?"

October (Build stuff!)

Try some spacecraft models at JPL Kids

Check out the home demos at the Athena Science site

Fun projects and tutorials at Zach's Cool Stuff

"Make Spacey Things" at the Spaceplace

September (Get to know NASA)

Chat with NASA scientists at Goddard's Space Chats

Learn from the Kid's Science News Network

Check out Science@NASA (or read it in Spanish!)

Do games and activities at the NASA Kids site

August (History of robots!)

The Tech Museum's timeline from 1726-1978

The Robots & AI timeline from the Computer History Museum

The U. of Texas Robotics Research Group's history of robots

Images that show the history of JPL's microrovers

July (What can kids do at NASA??!)

Check out games and activities on NASA's Kids website

Let JPL's Kids Laugh & Learn take you to new adventures

Make, do, and learn spacey things at Spaceplace

Visit the Fun Space at the Kennedy Space Center website

June (Blast off to Mars exploration!)

Learn about the Mars Exploration Rovers before they launch

Watch the Mars Exploration Rover videos

Check out the Mars Fun Zone

Do cool Mars activities with Bill Nye, the Science Guy

May (Look who's doing robotics!)

Learn about the "Machinists to the Stars" at JPL

"Way Cool Scientists" of the Mars Exploration Rover Mission

JPL Engineers creating robots for the future

Find out about some of the "Women Working on Mars"

April (Universities researching robotics!)

Learn how Stanford U. is mimicking cockroaches with robots

Check out the cuddly Leonardo robot at MIT

Try the Palm Pilot Robot Kit from Carnegie Mellon U.

isit the Center for Underwater Technology at U. of Hawaii

March (Get involved in Mars exploration!)

Get your teacher to apply for Athena Student Interns

Take picture of Mars with the Mars Student Imaging Project

Imagine Mars through art, dance, and music

Try cool home demos on the Athena Science website

February (For the love of robots!)

Get to know Grace, the Social Robot

Check out the emotions of MIT's "Kismet"

Learn about Honda's Asimo Humanoid Robot

Find out more about the "Brains Behind the Bot" at JPL


7th and 8th graders, check out the Future City Competition

Try the Robotic Technology and Engineering Challenge

Middle and high school students can try BEST Robotics

All ages can do the Trinity Firefighting Robot Contest



Learn why many robots have two cameras instead of one

Read about rover "dead reckoning" on the Red Planet

Find out ways the 2003 Mars rovers will "see" on Mars

Check out cutting edge research in 3-D computer vision


Try to control a robot (or robotic camera) over the web

NASA Langley's high school Design Competition

Try your luck at the Mars Word Find game

Don't forget to check out the Cool Robot of the Week!

October (Explore the Red Planet!)

Learn about Mars from Bill Nye "The Science Guy"!

Check out the new Mars Fun Zone!

Send your name to Mars! Sign up by November 15.

Learn about possible landing sites on Mars!

September (Try your hand at online robotics!)

Play the Mars rover mission game.

Build a better robot online!

Blast off to Mars and decide what to take along

Create your own 3D rover simluation!

August (Get a net--it's flying robots!!!)

See robotic bugs in action at Vanderbilt University.

Check out Berkeley's Micromechanical Flying Insect!

Learn about the martian possibilities for Georgia Tech's "Entomopter"!

Watch videos of MIT's robotic helicopter!

July (Projects, projects, and more projects!)






Make "Floppy the Robot" from a 3 1/2 inch floppy drive

Get ideas for projects from The Robot Channel

Join Dive and Discover's newest expedition

Check out MIT's RoboTuna, "Charlie I"


Play the Mars Rover game online!

Check out breaking news at NASA Quest!

Learn about sending RATs to Mars!

Watch underwater videos at MBARI!


Learn about robotics summer camps!

Learn about Mars exploration from the CMEX concept map!

Explore answers to the question, "What is a robot?"

Watch Let's Talk Robotics and build a microrover for the moon!

Build your own online robot--on a budget!


Learn about robotic stereo vision.

See what NASA scientists and engineers are doing!

Try out ROVer Ranch "Robots 101".

"Discover Engineering"!


Be inspired by robots on the Robot Menu.

Check out Robot Science and Technology.

Learn about robots interacting in museums.

Visit the Machine Intelligence Lab at U. of Florida.


Take a look at the biomechatronic fish from MIT.

Learn about animals at the Robot Zoo.

Watch movies of Honda's humanoid robots.

Observe a mobile security and surveillance robotic platform.



Watch videos of Kismet, an expressive robot from MIT.

Learn about building your own robot at Home-Robot.

Read the story of A Little Rock on Mars.

Try designing your own robot online.


Check out NASA's Bulldozer Robots!

Follow along with the Aero & Space comic from NASA Langley Research Center.

Print out pages of the Space Coloring Book--including the Lunar Rover.

Learn about planetary flight at NASA Quest.

Start a team and Design a Mission to Mars!

Control your own Remotely Operated Robot.

Try out the Beginner's Guide to Model Rockets.


Check out this video about Rovers on Mars

Learn about the JPL's Sensor Webs Project

View some 3D Mars Virtual Landing Sites

Play around with NASA Kids projects and games

Send your name to Mars!

See how Technology Imitates Nature


Check out Space Day's Mission: Fun

Got a question? Ask Dr. Universe!

Get involved in NASA's Mars exploration at Just for Kids!

Try your hand at building a NASA spacecraft!

Learn about rockets from the experts at Marshall Space Flight Center!


Test your robot knowledge with this quiz !!!

Watch WORM Robotics Team videos!

Explore the "Hands-On Universe"!

Visit the Kids on the Moon Project!

Check out the robots on USC's Robotics Research Lab!

Learn about Basic Beam Robotics!

Interested in biomechanics? Check out these mechanical snakes!


Follow the Mars on Earth 2001 team as they live in a simulated Mars lander in the Arctic!

Visit Goddard Space Flight Center's FIRST web site!

Check out Robonaut under construction at the Johnson Space Center!

NASA Ames is developing the Personal Satellite Assistant (PSA) to support future space missions.

Take a look at JPL's tactile, mobile, urban robot, Urbie!


Cool NASA Kids' sites: http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/kids/kids_index.html

Check out the forefront of technology at http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/technology/

Want to know what NASA's up to with robotics?!?

Learn from Robots 101 at JSC's ROVer Ranch!

Visit the Future Scientists and Engineers of America--maybe you can even start your own club!


* Visit Robotics: Sensing, Thinking, Acting to learn more about the history, art, ethics, and control of robots!

* Curious? Check out "Why Do We Explore Space?"

* Interested in Mars? Visit the Mars Education page!

* Check out RoboCamp 2001!

* Want to find cool robotics projects to do? Visit the Technology Education Index!


* Check San Francisco Robotic Society of America's Project Page for cool projects!

* Sun-synchronous robotic exploration at the Field Robotics Center.

* The LAPIS 3 website has information about the prototype Mars rover, FIDO, and the LAPIS 3 Student Mission!

* Visit Quest for opportunities to "chat" with an astronaut, learn about women in space, and more!

* Check out this extensive list of robotics competitions and events!


* Cool site from Palo Alto High School's FIRST Robotics Team! http://robotics.engr.paly.net/flashindex.html

* Kennedy Space Center's FIRST Competition Site.

* Langley Research Center's FIRST Competition Site.

* Team home pages of FIRST participants.


* Visit the Robotic Systems Technology Branch at Johnson Space Center:

* JPL's Technology Gallery has pictures of generations of robots and rovers.

* Interested in Robot Projects? Visit http://www.robotprojects.com/ to look at projects made by other robot enthusiasts and get ideas for your own!


* Check out home demos and information from the Athena Science Payload (flying to Mars in 2003) site:

* NASA's Planetary Photojournal is a continuously updated database of publicly released images from various Solar System exploration programs:

* The LAPIS program involves high school students in testing the prototype Mars rover, FIDO. Check out the student team's web site at: http://wufs.wustl.edu/lapis2/


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