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As this new web site changes and grows, past features will be archived here. The date each item was moved from the front page is noted.

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December 13
Webcast TODAY: Imagine Mars!
Imagine Mars logo
On 12/13/02, as part of NASA's Imagine Mars Project, Bill Nye "The Science Guy" and dancer and choreographer Debbie Allen will be combining Science and Art in an interactive webcast. Visit the Imagine Mars webcast page to learn more!

December 12
Webcast TONIGHT: The Robotic Exploration of Mars!
Mars rover
Robots enable scientific discoveries at Mars. Dr. Firouz Naderi, Mars Exploration Program Manager, will discuss the current Mars Program, its goals, discoveries, and innovative ideas for future robotic Mars missions at 7 PM Pacific Time tonight!

December 11
Keep Learning with Lecture Archives and MIT's Courses
NASA's online robotics course is over, but you you can still watch the Online Course archives! Then, if you want to learn even more about robotics, check out MIT's FREE online courses about aeronautics and astronautics, ocean engineering and much more!

December 05
FIRST Robotics Sponsorship Information Now Posted!
FIRST Robotics logo
A list of teams being sponsored by NASA for the 2003 FIRST Robotics Season is now posted! See our list of Sponsorships!

December 03
Check Out the Ranger Robotics Program!
Robot arm
Find out how the Ranger Engineering Arm might help astronauts do their job in space. Go to the Ranger website to see images and watch video clips. Or click here to view a slide presentation on the Ranger Robotics Program.

September 05
Mars Exploration Rover Website Launched!
Mars rover
With the success of the FIDO prototype Mars rover field test, NASA launched the Mars Exploration Rover web site. Check it out to learn about the mission, the rovers, classroom activities, and more!

September 04
Webcast: Preparing for Mars -- FIDO in the Desert!
Image of FIDO
Ever wonder how scientists prepare for a Mars mission? Well, thanks to a partnership between the Exploratorium and NASA, you can find out! Watch an archived webcast from the desert and JPL. When you tune in, you'll hear from scientists and engineers who are getting ready for the 2003 Mars mission and see the prototype rover, FIDO, in action!

August 19
Honeybee Robotics Helps NASA Explore!
Image of the Rock Abrasion Tool for the Mars Exploration Rovers
Honeybee Robotics in New York City is helping NASA accomplish more science during exploration. Check out the Rock Abrasion Tool (RAT) they will provide to the 2003 Mars Exploration Rover mission and learn about some of their other exciting technologies!

August 15
Learn About Rovers Through JPL's Robot Videos!
Robot montage
NASA works hard to develop rovers that can work, climb, traverse and explore. Through footage of the robots in action and interviews with the engineers, and scientists who make it happen, you can learn about the rovers that are changing planetary exploration and discovery!

July 29
Robotics in Your Classroom with Distance Learning!
Johnson Space Center logo
NASA JSC offers teachers and students the chance to learn how NASA defines robotics, see how robotic systems are used in the space program and plans for future robotic applications. Check out the Distance Learning Outpost for more information.

July 25
Opportunites for Ph.D. Students in Planetary Science!
NASA logo
NASA's Planetary Science Summer School offers a "crash course" in the process of developing a mission concept into reality August 5-9. Students will participate in a team activity to develop a mission proposal, using the Project Design Center at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

July 25
Mars Odyssey's Science Boom Unfurled!
Image of Mars Odyssey
The boom that holds Odyssey's gamma ray spectrometer (GRS) sensor head was successfully deployed, marking the mission's last major technical milestone. Read about how this will help Odyssey in its quest for scientific knowledge.

July 11
Botball 2002 National Robot Tournament!
Botball icon
On June 30 and July 1, 54 teams of middle and high school robot-builders will compete in the upcoming Botball 2002 National Robot Tournament in Norman, OK. The event is free and open to spectators! For more information, visit

June 06
Mars Odyssey Helps Expose Rock Layer History!
Surface composition differences in martian canyon
Check out the Mars Exploration website to learn about the infrared images from Mars Odyssey that suggest Mars experienced a series of environmental changes during active geological periods in its history.

May 30
Check Out JPL's Kids Page for Spacey Things to Do!
NASA Kids logo
JPL's Kids website has links to great images, projects, and programs. Take a quiz, go to Mars, or explore the galaxy--it's all available from the JPL Kids page!

May 17
"Women Working on Mars" webcast on May 16th!
It will take a lot of people to make the Mars Exploration Rover mission a success--and many of them are women! Through the "Women Working on Mars" webcast on May 16th, you'll have a chance to meet and chat with some of the women scientists, engineers, artists, web designers, and others who help make Mars exploration possible.

May 13
Silicon Valley Botball Tournament - May 11th!
Image of Botball robots
Want to see how students are building and programming 'bots to meet a challenge? Check out the Silicon Valley Botball Tournament! We invite you to either stop by the NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, CA to view it live or watch the competition via webcast!

May 07
Start dreaming of Mars with the Imagine Mars project!
Image Mars Project logo
The Imagine Mars project uses the arts and humanities to open the door to scientific discovery for students and teachers who might not otherwise be exposed to the excitement of Mars exploration. Join the adventure today!

May 03
Celebrate Space Day May 2 with Spacey Activities!
Space Day 2002 - Adventure to Mars
Find out, "What is Space Day?" Participate in the Adventure to Mars! Play a Mars rover game online. Take part in the design challenge. Check out the webcast!

April 18
Landing Softly on a Hard Planet!
Image of the landing device in deployed form.
It's hard enough getting to Mars. But once you get there, you've also got to land safely! Engineers at JPL are working hard on landing softly in preparation for the upcoming 2003 Mars Exploration Rover mission. Interested in learning how they engineer the landing airbags? Check out this article and video!

April 11
New ROVs Explore as Never Before!
Image of an ROV
Dark Matter, an engineering laboratory in Santa Clarita, CA, has developed a new kind of remote ocean vehicle (ROV) that moves on a tiny fiber-optic cable, allowing increased mobility and safety. Check out their website for more information and a movie of the ROV in action!

April 02
West Coast Robotic Autonomy Course for Students!
Image of autonomous robot
Robotic Autonomy

April 02
Martian Radiation Environment Experiment Turns On!
Artist's conception of astronauts on Mars
Mars Odyssey's MARIE (Martian Radiation Environment Experiment) is turned on and ready to collect data. MARIE will help characterize the radiation environment on Mars and help scientists better understand the hazards for human exploration of Mars. Read the press release here!

March 27
Student Navigators Drive Mars Rover Testbed
Image of students working at JPL
Students from four countries had a chance to learn about and control FIDO, the prototype Mars rover in JPL's Mars Yard as part of the Planetary Society's Red Rover Goes to Mars program. Learn about their mission on JPL's Mars Exploration webpage.

March 15
Educational Technology Night for Bay Area Teachers!
Wednesday, March 13 from 4:00 - 6:00 p.m., San Francisco Bay Area teachers have the opportunity to review space-related classroom materials and see demonstrations by NASA's AstroVenture and Quest. For more information or to register, call 650-604-3574 or email

March 07
Early Science Results from Mars Odyssey!
Map of Mars cosmic ray environment
The science instruments on NASA's Mars Odyssey spacecraft, which began its mapping mission last week, have sent back some exciting initial data, including possible identification of significant amounts of frozen water. Read the press release!

March 05
Check Out NASA's Liftoff to Space Exploration!
Image of spacecraft
NASA's Liftoff to Space Exploration provides information for students on spacecraft, the universide, fundamentals of space, and tracking and human exploration of space. Log on to to learn how NASA explores!

March 04
Planetary Exploration Research and Design!
Image of aerobot
The Advanced Thermal and Structural Technology Group at JPL is working on developing things like balloon and ballute aerobots, cryocoolers, inflatable rovers, and instrument design -- engineering that will aid in planetary exploration!

February 25
Webcast on Artificial Muscles!
Hand with artificial muscles
A human with bionic muscles?? On Thursday, February 21, at 7 p.m. Pacific Time, Dr. Yoseph Bar-Cohen, JPL Senior Research Scientist, will discuss recent developments in electroactive polymers (EAP) may one day make such bionics possible. Tune in to the webcast!

February 16
Cryobot Melts Through Ice in the Arctic!
JPL Engineer
A team, including researchers from JPL, successfully completed a test with Cryobot in which the probe successfully melted down 23 meters (75 feet) into the glacier. Robots like Cryobot might one day allow scientists to learn about the subsurface on Mars, Europa, or Titan.

February 11
Visit ROVer Ranch to Build Your Own 3D Robot!
ROVer Ranch logo
The ROVer Ranch is an interactive, Web-based robotics workshop for assembling the hardware and instructions for making a software robot to perform a mission in a virtual environment.

February 05
Watch the Archive of the FIRST Kick-off and Tutorials!
FIRST 2002 goal
The FIRST Robotics season has started! You can find information about this year's challenge and upcoming regional and national competitions on the FIRST web site!

February 05
Learn What (and Who) It Takes to Get to Mars!
Image of Mars Scientist Joy Crisp
It takes a large, diverse group of people and machines to work on getting to Mars and learning more about it. Visit the Mars Exploration Spotlight page to learn about scientists, engineers, landing site selection and, of course, robotics, robotics, and more robotics!

February 02
Learn About Mars Rovers... Past, Present, and Future!
Image of "8-wheeler" rover
Ever wonder what came before the Mars Pathfinder rover, Sojourner? Which rovers will be the next to explore the surface of Mars? Check out this timeline and the cool pictures of robots that have gone before!

January 25
Women in Science Archived Webcast!
Image of JPL engineer
A panel of JPL female scientists and engineers discussed the paths they pursued to achieve careers in science-related fields during a webcast last weekend. Students asked questions from JPL's studio and from the Chabot Science Center's Techbridge Program in Oakland, CA. Watch the archived webcast or read the press release.

January 22
A Robotic Arm for the Station!
Image of Canada Arm
Find out how the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) lent a hand to the International Space Station. You can also learn about how the Mobile Base System and the Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator will be used on the International Space Station.

January 15
Learn about JPL's New Rover Designs
Image of Cliffbot
Scientists and engineers are working together at JPL to design new rovers that could make planetary exploration easier and more interesting. Visit the JPL Technology Spotlight to learn more about spinning, climbing, and mining robots.

January 15
Check out the Planetary Robotics Webpage!
Robot Work Crew
Learn about FIDO, robot work crews, all-terrain exploration, lemur, inflatable rovers, and many others. You can also look at pictures and videos of the robots in action! Read about it here!

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