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As this new web site changes and grows, past features will be archived here. The date each item was moved from the front page is noted.

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December 21
FIRST Robotics Competition Kick-Off
FIRST logo
The FIRST Robotics Competition Kick-Off took place Saturday, January 7, 2006. Click here to watch an archive of the kick-off and view the Aim High animation.

December 19
Teachers: Apply for the ARMADA Project
The University of Rhode Island's Office of Marine Programs is accepting applications until 02/06/06 for the ARMADA Project - Research and Mentoring Experiences for Teachers. Funded by the National Science Foundation, it provides K-12 teachers an opportunity to actively participate in ocean, polar, and environmental science research and peer mentoring.

December 13
NASA's vision for space exploration
Crew exploration vehicle
Where will NASA go next? How will we get there? What technologies will we need? Find out answers, check out images, and more at The Vision for Space Exploration website.

December 06
NASA Podcast: Mars Rover Update
Mars Exploration Rover
Listen to updates about the Mars Exploration Rovers from Dr. Steve Squyres via NASA podcasts.

November 21
FIRST Grant Application Update
NASA and FIRST logos
The FIRST grant review process is complete. The list of awards is available here.

November 20
Spirit rover marks one martian year on Mars
Virtual image showing Spirit rover on Mars
The Mars rover, Spirit, has completed one martian year on the planet's surface--that's almost two Earth years. Having survived seven times its expected lifetime (of 90 martian days, or sols) and traveling over 3 miles (about 5,000 meters), Spirit is still going strong. Visit the website to check out images, a slide show, and feature stories!

November 18
Test your skills at landing on Mars!
Green rocket
Think you have what it takes to land on Mars? Then try NASA's Mars Lander game online to see if you can get around rough terrain, deal with fuel shortages, and arrive safely on the landing pad!

November 18
Meet the first woman to drive on Mars!
Dr. Ashley Stroupe
JPL's Mars Exploration Rover Mission website reports on the first woman to drive on Mars. From working with prototype rovers in an Earth-bound sandbox, to driving on the actual red sands of Mars, Dr. Ashley Stroupe gets the best of both planets.

November 18
NASA's Robotic Explorers webpage
NASA logo
If you love learning about NASA robots, check out the NASA Robotic Explorers webpage. You can learn about robots big or small, complex or simple, in space or on Earth.

September 22
Archive: Robotic Exploration in Rio Tinto
MARTE project logo
NASA scientists are teaming up with Spain's Centro de Astrobiologia to develop technology for drilling for life on Mars by practicing at a Mars-like site in southern Spain. Starting October 18, follow along and earn college credit via NASA's series of eight online lectures from scientists and engineers working on the project.

September 21
EARLY Robotics challenge unveiled
The 2005 EARLY Robotics challenge has been released. For 7 to 12 years of age, EARLY Robotics is a good introduction to robotics competitions, setting the stage for future competitions such as FIRST, Botball, and FIRST Lego League!

September 19
2005-2006 NASA FIRST Robotics Sponsorships
FIRST logo
If you want to receive information about how to apply for one of the three types of NASA FIRST Robotics Sponsorships for the 2005-2006 FIRST season, please click here!

September 09
Grant for new 7th grade Botball teams!
Botball Logo
Through a new NSF grant, Botball is offering full funding to 36 new 7th grade Botball teams. To check for eligibility and sign up, visit

September 07
Keep track of the Mars Exploration Rovers
rover traverse maps
Ever wonder where those Mars Exploration Rovers are after all this time? Well, check out their traverse maps to see where they've been (and guess where they'll go next).

September 06
Check out NASA's student Pages
NASA has pages for students in grades K-4, 5-8, 9-12, and post secondary. You can read articles, play games, watch videos, and get homework help.

September 05
Spotlight: A broader vision of discovery
student at keyboard
Three JPL summer interns worked with Mars rover mission planners as part of an internship program jointly sponsored by NASA and the National Federation for the Blind that seeks to provide blind youth with early employment experience in NASA careers.

August 13
Watch the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter launch!
Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
NASA's next mission to the red planet is the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter! Tune in for the MRO webcast on August 9 and watch the launch on the web on August 10. For background information, check out some spotlights and view images and videos.

August 05
WEBCAST: "Imagine Mars" on Thursday, August 4th
Cartoon rover
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to plan a community on Mars? Then tune in to the webcast on Thursday, August 4 at 1:00 p.m. PDT to listen to students and engineers talk about their experiences in NASA's "Imagine Mars" program. Following the webcast, log in to the live webchat to ask your questions and get answers!

August 01
Robotics for Exploration: Build a Robot
VEX robot
Starting June 20, a six-week course will help students build a small robot based on a controller similar to the one used in FIRST Robotics competitions. Questions? Please contact

July 28
Mars Exploration Rovers: Flight Director Updates
Mars Exploration Rover
As Spirit and Opportunity continue to rove the Red Planet day by day (or sol by sol), you can watch the Flight Director updates of the Mars rovers' activities and even send in your own questions via email!

July 18
Botball National Conference and Tournament
The Botball National Conference on Educational Robotics runs July 14-17 in Jacksonville, FL and will include the National Botball and Beyond Botball tournaments. Learn more by visiting the Botball web site.

June 30
NASA's Robotics Curriculum Clearinghouse!
RCC Logo
Check out NASA's NEW Robotics Curriculum Clearinghouse for peer-reviewed robotics curriculum available to educators everywhere.

June 28
NASA's "REP GIRL" Program
Need Inspiration?
Then check out REP GIRL, a new NASA effort to increase nationwide participation of female students in robotics learning and competitions.

June 07
Planetary Science Summer School
NASA's Planetary Science Summer School (for graduate students and post-docs)

May 31
Check out the "Life in the Atacama" project
Atacama rover
Out in the arid Atacama desert in Chile, scientists on the "Life in the Atacama" project are using rovers to understand where life can and cannot survive. Learn more about this project and check out movies, pictures, and more!

May 11
Free Online Course: NASA Engineering
K9 rover
Every Tuesday through May 10 you can join women engineers at NASA via live webcast on a journey through the systems and methods of their robotics projects! Tune in to speak to these inspirational women via chatroom and hear your answers live over the broadcast.

April 18
Apply for two summer institutes.
Apply for two summer institutes for teachers at MATE

March 22
Archived webcast: "Get Involved in Robotics"
Robot work crew
Ever wonder what it's like to work in robotics? Or how young people can get involved at an early age? Check out the "Get Involved in Robotics!" webcast archive.

March 13
Register for the NSTA Web Seminar on NASA Robotics
Register for the NSTA Web Seminar on NASA Robotics

March 02
Summer Institutes for Teachers
Marine Advanced Technology Education Center
High school and university faculty: Apply by 4/11/05 for two summer institutes (including building ROVs) at the Marine Advanced Technology Education Center.

February 16
Check Out Our Archived Webcasts...
TV with NASA on it
Over the years, many interesting webcasts have come and gone. Check out our webcast archive for everything from "Robot Cooking" to "Roving on the Red Planet"!

February 01
Opportunities: Robotics Internships and Explorer Schools
NASA logo
The deadlines are approaching on 01/31/05: Apply for the NASA Robotics Internship Program and the NASA Explorer School!

January 12
One Year Later... Don't Forget About the Mars Rovers!
Mars Rover
Believe it or not, the Mars rovers have been roaming for a year. Learn about it all at and make sure to visit the Mars Fun Zone for kids!

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